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VEGANLY Vitamins One-Daily Vegan Multivitamin. High Potency- Premium Formulation, with 1000 mcg B12 (Methylcobalamin). 90 veg tabs

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  • BEST NUTRITION SUPPORT FOR VEGANS, VEGETARIANS and plant-based followers with the key essentials they need. It is also a great multivitamin for those who have B12 DEFICIENCY If you start reducing meat consumption, this is a great fit to fill the nutrient gaps. Suitable for everyone.
  • HIGHEST B12 POTENCY MULTIVITAMIN IN THE MARKET. Expertly designed formulation of 26 essential ingredients including 1000 mcg in B12 ( Methylcobalamin- improved formuation ), 1000 IU in D2, 150 mg in Calcium, 9 mg in Iron, 15 mg in Zinc and more.
  • NON-GMO, NATURALLY-SOURCED AND ANIMAL-FREE ingredients are beneficial to health of your body and the environment. Certified vegan supplements are well received by customers.
  • One bottle lasts for 90 days. All 26 ingredients are loaded within one tablet to make it a One-Daily formulation in order to maximize your health benefit, provide convenience and best value. If you do not like to swallow tablet, feel free with the option to stir and disolve in water or juice to enjoy the supplement.
  • HIGH STRENGTH AND BEST QUALITY. ( NPN80076962) - Certified Vegan, Non GMO, Naturally-sourced, Gluten -free, Halal, No Sugar, Lactose -free, No preservatives, No artificial colours and flavours, Manufactured in GMP certified facilities, Made in Canada