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AminoIQ² | Brain Boosting Nootropic Blend + Vegan BCAAs (Peach Rings)

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  • BUILD MUSCLE & FIGHTS FATIGUE: Beyond Amino IQ branched chain amino acid supplement powder enhances protein synthesis, helping you pack on more muscle. Also helps combat lactic acid buildup that leads to fatigue, allowing you to train harder and longer. With the added nootropic Amino IQ will not only help with muscle recovery but enhance your cognitive state.
  • AMINO IQ FOR MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT: Beyond Amino IQ Bcaa supplement powder is a pharmaceutical-grade amino acid supplement. Ideal for athletes, it helps stimulate muscle growth thus increasing strength and endurance, with the added caffeine anhydrous, lion’s mane extract, Higenamine HLC, black pepper extract & huperzine.
  • GREAT POST-WORKOUT BENEFITS: Amino IQ Bcaa powder protects your body from the negative effects of overtraining. You will notice marked improvements in performance, strength, endurance, recovery, immune function and gut health.
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY: During intense exercise the body's Bcaa levels are depleted leading to muscle fatigue and slow recovery time. Our specialized mixed of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucinde, L-Valine supports healthy muscle development and performance by quickly replenishing your body with the essentials branched chain amino acids.
  • INCREASE ENERGY & IMPROVE FAT LOSS: For those looking to maximize their recovery from exercise and increase their energy while elevating their metabolism to lose stubborn body fat, Beyond Amino IQ is the answer you've been looking for!